White Papers & Miscellaneous

This is a repository of some of the longer essays I have written over the years.

July 2018. American Enterprise Institute. “”The Inconveniences of Democracy:” The Constitution and the Problem of Majority Faction”

Summer 2018. National Affairs. “The Return of Civic Republicanism”

June 2018. American Enterprise Institute. “‘The Humble Members of Society:’ Understanding Populism in the United States”

December 2017. Mercatus Center. “Failure To Launch: Institutional Defects of the Independent Payment Advisory Board” (with Bobbi Herzberg)

October 16, 2015. Wall Street Journal. The Politics of Distrust

Spring 2015. National Affairs. Making Congress Responsible

Fall 2013. National Affairs. Madison’s Medicare Problem

Summer 2013. National Affairs. “A Republican Nomination Process” (with Jeffrey Anderson)

October 2012. Policy Review. “The Expanding Powers of the Presidency

Spring 2012. National Affairs. The Politics of Loss

December 2011. Policy Review. “Election 2012: An Unusually Clear Policy Choice

Summer 2011. National Affairs. “The Republican Challenge

August 2008. Policy Review. “How Obama Won The Nomination